Nearly every rock-and-roll-loving teenager dreams of putting together a band, and while many do, most never make it beyond mom and dad's garage. But a group of James Lick high school students managed not only to make it out of the garage, they've played gigs across the Bay Area, from Blake's to the Elbo Room. Led by frontman Greg Fleischut, The Audiophiles have been making unpretentious and fun indie rock for two years. Now, with graduation behind them and college on the horizon, they'll play their last show at Bottom of the Hill this Saturday ($10, 10pm), opening for Apside and Off Campus, before heading off to record a final album in England. The show is 21 plus, which means a fair number of their most loyal fans won't make it though the door, so no need to fear a room full of teenagers. Besides, it's your last chance to check out the best Bay Area high school band—well, now post-high school band—you've never heard.

Here's a music video, put together by another teenage phenomenon, Charis Tobias, who also works with Boing Boing Video.