The Bachelor's Lisa Marie Gonzales on Finding True Love in SF (at Bar None)


27-year-old Lisa Marie Gonzales knows a thing or two about the dating game. That game specifically being ABC’s hit reality show, The Bachelor. Gonzales grew up in Boise, Idaho, relocated to California in 2000 to attend the University of San Francisco, and has been a Bay Area girl ever since. In celebration of The Bachelor’s season 13 finale on Monday, March 2, the Public Relations Executive reflects on romance and shares her tips for San Francisco singles.

7x7: How did you become one of the 25 contestants in The Bachelor’s dating pool?
Gonzales: I submitted a photo online, and from there they asked me to fill out an application and do a video, then a more detailed application, then they flew me out to LA.

7x7: What made you want to go on national television in hopes of finding true love?
Gonzales: I’ve been a loyal watcher of The Bachelor since the first season, and have always wanted to be a part of the experience. My grandmother was also a faithful watcher, and thought that it’d be such a great experience for me to meet someone new. I figured ABC did a good job of pre-screening the Bachelor [32-year old single dad, Jason Mesnick], and I probably couldn’t do much better on my own. So I figured why not let them do all the pre-screening for me?

7x7: Had you been let down by the dating scene in SF?
Gonzales: I’ve spent most of my adult life in a relationship, and would consider myself a serial dater. I’ve been lucky to meet some great guys in San Francisco, but unfortunately have yet to meet “the one.”

7x7: what would you consider the best spots in SF to meet single guys?
Gonzales: I can't deny it. I'm a Marina girl.  A boy who can play beer pong at Bar None and knows designer jeans is a boy meant for me!

7x7: Do you have any advice for single SF girls trying to find the perfect bachelor?
Gonzales: My Mom told me to “Not to be afraid to look for love in surprising places,” which ultimately lead me to the Bachelor. The worst advice I’ve been given was ‘to wait for him to approach you.’ I’ve found that in dating it’s just as important for you to be aggressive and forward, as it is for the man.

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