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Professional triathlete and elite swimmer Matt Dixon knows a bit about the active lifestyle. In 2008, he founded Purplepatch, a holistic fitness and athletic program specializing in endurance training. Dixon has a master’s degree in clinical and exercise physiology, frequently contributes to Outside Magazine, works with Ironman triathletes, and also hosts a free training session for runners every Thursday night at Kezar stadium. Here, he names the best of SF's fitness scene.

Pool: University of California San Francisco Bakar Fitness Center
“This is one of the few places in SF where you can swim on a rooftop. Plus, when you get out, you’ve got sweeping views of the whole city and across the bay to Oakland.”

Bike Shop: Bespoke Cycles
Bespoke represents the next evolution in San Francisco bicycle shops. “It’s much more than just a place to purchase a bike. They’re great with community outreach. They sponsor group rides and have a good education program.” 

Weekend on 
the Water: Olympic Circle Sailing Club
Find yourself gazing with envy at the boats dotting the SF Bay? OCSC offers courses and group trips with some of the best instructors in the world. “It’s as much about the people you meet as it is about the adventure."

Sports Equipment: TRX Trainer
These gravity and body-weight suspension bands are a must-have for anyone looking to increase endurance or trim the waistline. “It’s applicable to every level of athlete. I’ve used it with professional triathletes and people who haven’t worked out in years.”

Therapy: Presidio Sport and Medicine
The folks at Presidio Sport and Medicine specialize in rehabilitating patients after surgery or injury. They also provide massage therapy, fitness evaluations, and group exercise classes. “These guys get people back to doing the activities they truly enjoy.”

Running Club: Dolphin South End runners
This club offers low-
key, weekly 5K runs for just $5–$7 a pop. “You might run Fisherman’s Wharf one week and Ocean Beach the next.”

Yoga: Mind & Body Center at the 
Bay Club San Francisco
Yoga director Jason Crandall focuses on perfecting alignment and encourages slow, deep, mindful movement in his vinyasa yoga classes. “He attracts a very eclectic group, which is always a sign of a great teacher.” 

Personal Trainer: Ryan Stockton
Stockton offers customized workouts specializing in strength and power development, weight loss, sports conditioning, and improved agility and range of motion. “He really just has an amazing scope. If you’ve never worked out before, he’s your man. If you’re a high-end athlete who’s training for a marathon, he’s still your man.”

Urban Hike: Glen Canyon Park
With winding trails, towering eucalyptus trees, wide-open expanses for pets, and rock walls for bouldering, “it’s easy to forget that you’re still in the middle of an urban environment. It feels like you’re lost in the wilderness.”

Dog Walk: Ocean Beach from Park Chalet toward Pacifica
The long stretch of Ocean Beach south of John F. Kennedy Drive is a great alternative to Fort Funston. “I like to go for brunch, coffee, or a beer at Park Chalet on the Great Highway after a walk with the dog.”

Edited by Allison McCarthy. This article was published in 7x7's June issue. Click here to subscribe.

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