The Booze News: Fast Food And Wine Builds Momentum


Just trying to sweat off the hangover from a long weekend of eating, drinking and talking. It seems SF Chefs.Food.Wine was largely a success. Despite a few glitches, I heard great things about lots of the sessions. But life goes on, and here's a few stories I culled from the world of drink which might be interesting/amusing to you.


  • Hmm, what wine goes best with a Whopper? Maybe something to ponder as wine lists come to fast food joints. Of course, as mentioned in the article, Taylor's Refresher has been doing this for some time. Incidentally, with a whopper? I'm thinking malbec from Argentina. (By the wine Champagne with french fries is excellent!)
  • As expected, the Alabama banning of the Cycles Gladiator nymph label is a boon to marketing. Websites visit up tenfold, inquiries from all over the country, and a new slogan, "Banned in Bama" for the winery. Gotta love it.
  • Many celebrities have their own line of wines. But a horse? Well, Jess Jackson's (Kendall-Jackson) hot philly and Preakness-winner Rachel Alexandra gets hers, just in time for Christmas.
  • The more wine advertising, the better, as far as I'm concerned. It's tough times for sales in lots of the wine world, but a good campaign can benefit not just the brand sponsoring it, but everyone. Sounds like a good campaign from SF's Amazon Advertising.
  • Simple drinks continue to come back. A reaction against super-complicated, hoity-toity drinks?
  • Utah's drinking laws are bizarre, but slowly getting better. This is good news for my friends at Spruce (Andrew Green, Skye LaTorre) who are working hard to build the beverage program at the new Spruce in Park City, despite the Utah's byzantine regulations.
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