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Imagine this: You’re standing along the very unremarkable stretch of Kearny Street—the stretch on the cusp of the Financial District populated by endless, unremarkable work-a-day sandwich spots like Briazz and stores like Loehmann’s Shoes (not unremarkable)—and you pass a guy (for the hell of it, let’s just imagine he’s cute and Irish and wearing a paigeboy cap and suspenders) tooling down the street on an antique bicycle with a basket full of gorgeous whiskey. For whiskey lovers such as myself, this could be quite a vision.

Brian Sheehy, Dahi Donnelly and Doug Dalton of Future Bars

Come the opening of Cask in a couple months—the latest from Future Bars, the guys that opened Bourbon & Branch, Anu and Swig, and were part of 7x7’s 2007 Top 20 Under 40—this vision might be a reality. Cask, located on Kearny Street right next to the funky gay bar that used to be Ginger's Trois, will be a highend spirits shop for “booze enthusiasts,” says Dahi Donnelly. From what I understand, Cask will be decorated with “wood art” made from old bourbon barrels from Kentucky. When I jokingly asked Dahi, who is unmistakably Irish, if there was going to be delivery service, he told me they’d purchased a couple vintage bikes with that exact idea, figuring with the new Ritz-Carlton residences and hotels such as the InterContinental nearby, they might do some good business. Strangely, he didn’t mention 7x7’s office, only blocks away.

The B&B team also bought Ginger's Trois (now called Ginger’s). Currently, everything is the same, except for the jukebox which has a few new tunes and now you can go in there for a drink made by a B&B bartender. In other B&B news, look for the Russell Room to debut. Located in a former cigar shop upstairs from Bourbon & Branch, it’ll be rented out for private parties.

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