The Brewing Network Brings Beer to the Airwaves


It’s 5 p.m. on Sunday, the odd time of the weekend when drinking is winding down (or should be for all practical purposes). If you haven’t sated your beer fix quite yet, it’s a perfect moment to tune in to the Sunday Session, a live Internet radio broadcast brought to you by The Brewing Network.   

Each week’s Sunday Session roundtable centers on a different craft beer or homebrewing topic. The brewcasters interview beer connoisseurs as well as notaries in cider, mead, and winemaking while peppering the program with personal anecdotes and fielding listener’s questions (sent in via phone, live chat, or email). 

The show’s producer, Scott ‘Moscow” Moskowitz, gave us a little background on The Brewing Network:

How did the station get started?

Justin Crossley founded the Brewing Network in 2005 after graduating from SF State. His two great loves are beer and radio, so he decided to try out Internet radio and podcasting. Justin and I met while working at CBS. In 2006, he developed a one-hour weekend show called The Brewcast for 106.9 FREE FM. Since CBS flipped their format to strictly music programming in 2008, we've been broadcasting exclusively through the Brewing Network. 

Who are the regulars on the Sunday Session?

Justin Crossley is the host and board operator. He anchors the broadcasts, directs the conversations, and asks most of the questions. Jason "JP" Petros co-hosts. He provides color commentary and beer expertise. Mike "Tasty" McDole –is our resident beer expert and is one of the world's most renowned homebrewers, having won the Sam Adams Long Shot competition in 2008 among many other accolades. Nate Smith is another highly esteemed homebrewer, who has transformed from occasional guest into an “official Brewcaster” as of this summer. And I’m the producer. I book the guests, structure the shows, produce the games, and keep the crew in line. I also write the Brewing Network Army Blog. Beevo Moore is currently on maternity leave, but she's been the call-screener and chat moderator for the last 3 years.

Any particular podcasts a local listener should check out? 

I suggest some of our Bay Area beer shows, like 2010-08-08 with Sierra Nevada, 2011-03-27 with Anchor, and 2010-01-17 with Russian River.

Any future plans or directions for the station?

More festivals, more shows, more everything. We will continue to grow alongside the popularity of craft beer and the hobby of homebrewing.

Any upcoming events for Bay Area beer fans?

We'll be hosting the Taste of North Bay Beers event in Napa this Sunday, October 23 from 12:30 to 11:00 PM at Downtown Joe's in Napa. The beer festival will be broadcasting live on The Brewing Network. Tickets are $30 and include ten 6 oz. pours in a commemorative glass. Additional drink tickets are $2.Tickets to a dinner with the Homebrew Chef are $80 and include Sean's Z. Paxton's beer dinner. (Tickets are limited and do not include beer festival entry).


The Brewing Network hosts five radio programs and one video show, but The Sunday Sessions remains their original and most popular show. Catch it on the air every Sunday at 5 p.m. PST. 

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