The Eater Wrap: Fish & Farm, 5A5 and Cheap Eats


It's Friday, and that means it's time for our weekly recap from Eater SF, where Eater editor Paolo Lucchesi gives his report on all the restaurant news that's fit to print, including reimagined restaurants, imagined restaurants, and all hot new deals you can handle.

The week's biggest opening was technically more of a rebirth, as the shuttered Lark Creek Inn reemerged in its new casual form: Tavern at Lark Creek. Gone are the Marin fine dining destination's prissy aspects, in favor of an approachable, gastropub vibe more suited for times like these.

2) Speaking of reinventions, not only is Fish & Farm getting a new look, but Eater broke the news that the locavore spot will also be getting a new chef. Jake des Voignes is out and Chad Newton (Baraka, Redd) is in. And thankfully, the teal is out too.

3) Right around the corner from Fish & Farm, Urban Tavern announced a new lunch promotion where diners can pay whatever they think the meal is worth. Awk-ward!

4) Over in Oakland, Charlie Hallowell's follow-up to Pizzaiolo is very much in the works. The casual pizzeria will be taking over the shuttered Di Bartolo space near the Grand Lake Theater, but is likely several months away.

5) The month-long Thomas Keller Contest reached its stirring climax, as the Laundryman hand-picked the best ideas for his next restaurant. Among his favorites: a new concept within Central Park, a Kellerized fast food restaurant, and the winner, an anonymous cafe on a quaint SF block. Now that would be the stuff of neighborhood love letters.

6) Suprise! A new feature rolled out on Eater SF this week, simply called Dealfeed. It's exactly what it sounds like: the best dining deals from around town. Both diners and restaurants win here, so do feel free to submit your favorite recession specials

7) Last but certainly not least, Eater photog extraordinaire Jennifer Yin took a photo tour inside 5A5 Steak Lounge, the striking space previously known as Frisson. Snakeskin and fire abound in the new incarnation.

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