The Eater Wrap: RN74, 54 Mint and Tony + Alice


It's Friday, and that means it's time for our weekly column from Eater SF, where Eater editor Paolo Lucchesi gives his report on all the restaurant news that's fit to print, including 54 Mint's opening, suspicious Bauer photos, the RN74 buzz machine, and the debate(s) surrounding the best restaurant in town.

1) You wouldn't think that the Chronicle could possibly screw up so much as to accidently run a photo of Michael Bauer during a restaurant review, would you? Well, there was this time...

2) All kinds of new restaurants continue to open throughout the city. This week's debuts were headlined by the latest jewel in the still-developing Mint Plaza crown: 54 Mint, a slick two-tiered Italian joint from a pair of NYC vets.

3) Tony Boudain and Alice Waters finally squared off face-to-face, with the debate centering around tomatoes, hot dogs and getting laid.

4) Over at Ghirardelli Square, the latest rumors have SoMa pizza favorite Pazzia moving into the space that last housed the short-lived Marche. Meanwhile across the square, crickets are still hanging out a Gary Danko's upcoming brasserie site.

5) For better or worse, struggling jazz giant Yoshi's has taken the plunge and put burgers on its menu. Three, to be precise.

6) The biggest—or surely the most-hyped—opening of 2009 thus far has been Michael Mina's ambitious RN74. On the eve of its one-month anniversary, it was time to gawk at the AvroKO design while rounding up the early buzz in another edition of Good News/Bad News.

7) Because the "best restaurant in San Francisco" is certainly not Pasta Pomodoro, many wondered what's really the consensus reader pick for the lofty title. To be sure, it's an impossible debate, and given the sheer number of suggestions (upwards of 30 nominees), a problematic poll question too, but hey, it's an interesting social experiment nonetheless.

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