"I'm a PC and tired of your commercials."

The quest began with Lauren hunting down a laptop under $1,000. At first I thought that Microsoft had stepped up their game and was on to something, but then came Lisa and Jackson, Sheila, Giampaolo, then Lauren and mom (aka Sue). Seriously? It's the same commercial, brilliant the first time and repetitive the sixth.

The creative minds of Crispin Porter + Bogusky are behind the launch of Microsoft's "Laptop Hunter" TV spots, featuring regular people on a mission to find a laptop on a budget. Now the relentless Apple mockingly strikes back with "a Megan."

San Francisco is home to many creatives who will stand their ground till the death of them. We admit, the majority of the 7x7 office consists of Mac users. As Apple already dominates the creative industry and 7x7, the epic battle of Mac versus PC continues.

Where does San Francisco stand? Tell us, are you a Mac or a PC?