The Etsy for Floozies: Foodzie Ramps Up


Set on becoming the Etsy for food, SF-based Foodzie, the idea of three college friends, just received funding in December, but the website is already gaining speed, featuring artisanal products from all over the US. The name calls to mind an extreme foodie—a foodie floozy.

The selection is Bay Area-heavy right now, but I expect that will change. There are a lot of sweets, including some made of my favorite local purveyors: Coco-luxe, Kika's Treats and Sweet Revolution Caramels, which, not only sells their individually-wrapped, heaven-on-earth caramels, but now it sells it's maple-honey caramel in a spread. (If anything could make me into a foodie floozy, this is it.) There are also products from 479 Popcorn, La Cocina, Girl & the Fig, as well as fresh peaches from Frog Hollow.

For the most part, the products are highend, but as with Etsy, there are a few rather homespun things on offer: My Husband's Nuts, for example.

The young threesome running the company have been featured in BusinessWeek magazine as ones to watch. "Chief Executive Rob LaFave, Chief Marketing Officer Emily Olson, and Chief Technology Officer Nik Bauman are getting into the flow too, hanging out with locals like Digg founder Kevin Rose, who recently attended a tasting at Foodzie's office."




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