Read both choices and take a guess at which is greater: The SFMTA or SF Giants. Send in your guess as to who wins this seven-question series. Answers to follow. Wagering with co-workers is encouraged.

  • Seats in AT&T Park vs. Parking Meters in SF


  • Giants Tickets Sold vs. Parking Tickets Issued in SF


  • Giants Ticket Revenue vs. SFMTA Parking Ticket Revenue


  • Yearly SFMTA Budget vs. 2012 SF Giants Payroll


  • Box Office Price of a Premium Seat World Series Ticket vs. Ticket for Misuse of a Handicap Placard or Blue Zone


  • Average MUNI Operator’s Salary vs. Average Giants Player’s Salary


  • Highest Paid MUNI Driver’s Salary vs. Lowest Paid Giants Player’s Salary

BONUS Question:

  • Distance Run Around the Bases on Giants Base Hits (Hint: It’s 90 feet between each base) vs. Distance from AT&T Park to Muir Woods

We'll post the answers after lunch, so stay tuned and keep those bets going!

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