The Getty's Blog: Burning Up the Internet



Burning up the ethernet this ayem? Ricocheting emails ‘round town regarding the debut of the latest members in the City Brights blogging stable on SFGate: Peter Getty and his brother, Billy Getty.

Their blog is titled, What the Butler Didn’t See. And within the hallways of many a hallowed home in certain EssEff zip codes, Amen to that. Be sure to read the boys’ bios -- as riveting as their intro entry.

Obviously, as Chron-meisters carefully calculated, other blogs are, natch, furiously weighing in on their new, bold-faced bloggers.

Gawker was first at bat.

Followed by Brock Keeling over at SFist, who, in spite of his disdain, manages a cheery two-thumbs-up shout-out to his favorite Getty: Vanessa Getty.

Eve Batey of SFAppeal tackles the thornier issue of why, oh why, The Chronicle allows the Brothers Getty to be insulated against public comment. Unlike, oh, just about everyone else who writes for or is written about on the Gate.

And we must assume PG&E is not (currently) causing publisher Bruce Brugmann any agita, as even the wonkish SF Bay Guardian takes a peek behind this velvet curtain.

Yup, there is much savory in this particular stew.

However the mere fact the blogging Getty boys underscore the fact that (tragically) they are not (yet) rich enough to afford space travel, just goes to prove a subset theorem of that old US Magazine chestnut -- Rich People: Just Like Us!

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