The Ginger-Barn (Day 2)


Jessica is out of town, lounging around somewhere on the island of Kuai.

Unfortunately, I'm not.

Instead, I'm here to give you an update on the gingerbread barn we're working on at the Palace Hotel (along with chef Russell), for their annual gingerbread competition, which I know you're absolutely dying to hear more about.

Very small photo of Jessica
helping with our very
big gingerbread barn.

The quick and dirty report? It's hard core. Like bigger than my Victorian flat. Like more architecturally stunning than the new Academy of Sciences. The word epic comes to mind. Let's just say we have a parking space for our gingerbread tractor that's big enough to fit a Cadillac Escalade and a cozy overhang (Chris, our executive editor, says it's called a "run-in shed"—who knew?) where the fondant farm animals can seek shelter from the powdered sugar snow, and curl up on the Shredded Wheat "hay," not to mention a weather vane covered in gold leaf and a silo. Yes, chef Russell concocted a gingerbread silo—genius idea: maybe we'll store candy corn in it!—as well as a strikingly realistic fondant scarecrow.

Jessica and I might have spent a good hour gluing on graham cracker shingles and Red Vines using royal icing, but this extraordinary vision is really all thanks to Russell, who, as I've said in a past blog, rules. You rule, Russell.

And as long as you go cast your vote, starting December 1, at the Palace Hotel, we just might win. Proceeds go to the charity of our choice. Check out our November 16 blog for more information and to ogle our fondant pig some more.

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