Though I've written about him before, it's never enough. So a late-night jones for a pizza and a cocktail the other night afforded us an excuse to stop by the bar at Globe to see our friend Shane McKnight. Part serious mixologist, part host, part clown, he and his beverages always comprise an engaging two-ring circus.


And last week gave us no disappointment. Shane, exuberant that he had recently had some success in a couple of cocktail competitions, was shaking up a batch of fresh strawberry drinks—part improvisations, part reiterations. Anyway, we quaffed a strawberry-mint Gimlet and a strawberry-tequila Manhattan (whatever that means). Both were very good, especially the latter, which was less sweet than the former.

Strawberry-mint Gimlet

Anyway, I heartily recommend a stop by Globe and a seat at the bar when Shane is holding court. To get him started on the subject of cocktails is all the entertainment needed.