The Grouch (Living Legends solo phenom) finally released a music video for "Hot Air Balloons," the hot track off of his newest album Show You The World. While we're not usually huge fans of these videos, this one has some artistic elements and even features two of Living Legends' other superstars, Bicasso and Scaru. 

The Grouch may very well be one of the most creative and talented in the entire Living Legends crew. Outside of Living Legends, Grouch has released a total of 12 other albums (7 solo projects and 5 collaborations including one with other Bay Area hip hop representatives, Zion I). He spans the spectrum of hip hop (grungy and hyphy to classic, soulful and artistic). He experiments with different kinds of rhythms, instruments and subjects for his lyrics.  And he's more amazing live than on any record (if you can believe that) and always brings 110 percent to his fans at all times.

Check out "Hot Air Balloons" below: