Each week our good friends over at The Owl Mag share all the goodies they get in their inbox (think free MP3s, new videos and the general low-down on Bay Area artists) in an effort to spread the local music gospel.  Now you're about to get it here with our new weekly feature, The Inbox. Here's what we've got this week:

The Mumlers

The indie psych-rockers out of San Jose have turned into zombies. For their song "Coffin Factory" (Don’t Throw Me Away, drops 9/8) the sextet made an spooky flick that comes off as Scooby Doo meets Sam Raimi. Harmonizing zombies, ghastly cackles, and vintage organ that sounds like something Lurch (Addams Family) might play in a basement makes for surprisingly fun times.

Watch: "Coffin Family"

My First Earthquake

We've quickly become addicted to My First Earthquake's quirky/fun home-cooked videos and sound. They've managed to bottle up their fun-loving, Go Go/Blondie-esque beats in videos that were most likely shot on your neighborhood corner or nearby warehouse. Enjoy these, now.