Examining love, marriage, and Prop 8, The Lily's Revenge is more party than play - and when theater people throw a party, they throw it BIG. 

Abandoning its usual fare of thoughtful but considerably more sedate programming, Magic Theatre is hosting an enormous, five-hour bash featuring dozens of local artists surrounding the beglittered ringleader - playwright and burlesque performer Taylor Mac. Pulling in vaudeville, feminist theory, circus, dream ballets, and the occasional haiku, The Lily's Revenge is a massive social experiment unlike anything you’ve seen at the theater. 

In collaboration with six adventurous theatre companies, including Crowded Fire, Erika Chong Shuch Project, elastic future, and Shotgun Players, the Magic presents the San Francisco version of this rolling world premiere. It's also playing in theaters in New York, New Orleans, and Scotland.

Time Out New York says, “In its bravery, scope, creativity, extremity and sheer generosity of spirit, The Lily’s Revenge, to my mind, surpasses any American theater in New York this year…This play is not vying for polished immortality; it is living in its moment, which happens also to be ours.” 

April 27-May 22. Magic Theatre, 38 Fort Mason. Tickets are $30-75 at 415-441-8822 or magictheatre.org.