The International Rescue Committee honored World Refugee Day by putting on a special screening of Sundance award winner God Grew Tired of Us, which follows the lives of three young Sudanese men (aka Lost Boys) to the United States, at Letterman Digital Arts Center. A post-screening discussion and VIP reception were then held at nearby Pres a Vi.

Amy Glass, Brook Perkins      Beth Silvestri, Maggie Mack  Jackie Bustamante, Dana Hermansen

Jennifer Brokaw, Guest            Varsha Rao, Ann Roberts     Rebecca Huddleston, Nina Rothberg

Sasha Bainer, Maggie Mack   Luke Wolbach, Sean Cullen   Victoria & Christopher Quinn

Gregory & Charlot Malin         Bob Carey, Christopher Q.  Dixby Jamison, Roxanne Schlumberger

Penny Coulter, Jim Coulter, Penny Blumenthal

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