photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

"Tezuka: The Marvel of Manga" opened on June 2 at the Asian Art Museum with a celebratory bang. Approximately 150,000 pages of manga along with 70 anime TV and feature-length productions by Tezuka Osamu, called "The God of Comics" in Japan, are on display until Sept. 9.

Dale William-Brown, Donna Fotoohi, Jonathan Straley  Daisuke Masui, Noy Bambauer

Akiko Yamazaki             John Lau, John Hoffman     Jane Yao, Mark Gibson

Sobia Shaikh, Varsha Rao  Kimmy Sako, Stephanie Verrieras  Bailey Vickey, Laurent Carton

Fiammetta Hsu                 Tim Wu, Jim Hormel              Beth Inadomi, Alicen Hassan

Sanjeev and Mona Mohan  Dennis Franklin, Pamela Joyner  Elizabeth and Charles Mitchell

Juno Osterweil, Janet Reilly   Fiammetta, Philip Brophy   Alison De Oliveira, Andre Levi

Kumiko Morishita, Cristos Eigelberger

Gorretti Lui, Glenn Ramsdell, Naja Lockwood, Akiko Yamazaki

John Lin, Heide Bastel, Glenn Ramsdell

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