The Modern Ball

photography by Heather Wiley and Drew Altizer

Last Wednesday, SFMOMA hosted the Modern Ball, which brought out a who's who of SF's arterati. The event included a lavish gala dinner and benefited the museum's exhibitions and public programs.

Christopher and Amber Marie Bently   Abigail Munn         Demetrius Chapin-Rienzo, Shanda Hunt

Guest, Alex Turner                   Claudia Ross, Peter Brandenhoff   Billy and Vanessa Getty

Gavin Newsom, John Hanson           Francis Starks, Anne Gaylor    Charlot Malin

Jenna and Brian Hunt              Guest, Sarah Berger              Claudia Ross, Guest

Jessica Mullen, Guest            Jessica Lonergan, Dana Stone  Kate and Andrew Spade

Marissa Meyer                  Merkley, Hannah Sitzer            Alexander Lloyd, Laura Hix

John and David Torso           Jessica Lonergan           Malia and Jonny Moseley

Kristen Martin                     Kurt Alexander, Julie Chaiken     Kiril Dobrovolsky, Shinmin Lee

Lori Levine                    Matthew Goudeau, Stanlee Gatti  Mikaela Bernstein, Todd Palmerton

Natalia Seidel                    Ann and Gordon Getty                   Colleen Quen, Rick Lee

                                                                                         Natalia Siedel, Harry Denton, Howard Siedel

Pamela Joyner, Tim Wu     Guests                                 Ricky Serbin, Mitchell Benjamin

Rich and Marybeth La Mott         Shell and Craig Cardon  Vanessa Sherrod, Erin Sedilko, Elyssa Thorp

Victoire Reynal, Guest              Vanessa Getty, Jonathon Moscone  Sonya Molodetskaya, Willie Brown

Victoria Hadden, Phillip Raiser                                                  Stefanie Roumeliotes, Hooman, Jen Turner

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