The entire lineup of last night’s Noise Pop show at Slim’s was perfectly billed. From Rademacher and The Mumlers to co-headliners, The Submarines and Bay Area sweethearts, The Morning Benders, everything flowed pretty smoothly for the bouncy, indie pop show. The vibe was light and fun and every band carried their weight. The Submarines even played their infamous iPhone commercial song, “You, Me & the Bourgeoisie,” much to the crowd’s pleasure and cheers. We were pleasantly surprised to see that co-headliners, The Submarines had just as many people bopping their heads and screaming the words to their songs as The Morning Benders did. Slim’s was packed to the brim with fans who were absolutely in love with the adorable Berkeley indie sensations, and once they took the stage, all eyes were on them. Nonetheless, The Morning Benders featured two new songs from their forthcoming album and dominated the set with tracks from Talking Through Tin Cans. Overall, it was a pleasant show that we wouldn’t mind seeing again.