The Morning Benders on Stonehenge, Love Songs and the Best of Noise Pop


These Berkeley-based California natives have been making splashes in the indie pool since “the very beginning,” which, according to them, is "somewhere around 2006, 2007."  (With a band named "Morning Benders," memory lapses are acceptable).   They've toured with the likes of Ra Ra Riot, Yo La Tengo, Death Cab For Cutie, The Kooks, MGMT, Two Gallants and We Are Scientists, and now are one of the most anticipated Noise Pop performances - playing this Friday at Slim's.  Despite all the fame and fortune, The Morning Benders took some time out with us to answer some very important questions:

What’s your favorite track on Talking Through Tin Cans?
I think my favorite track on that one is “when we're apart.” We did it last minute and in one take. We didn't think it would be on the album, and then we realized it was the perfect last track. I like when it happens like that...

Any pre-show band traditions?
We like to bow to each other and a lot of the time we'll give a "thank you, earth" prayer.

Do you ever get sick of writing forlorn love songs?
Not really. I love “love songs,” but I think you may hear some stranger subject material from us soon, if that's what you're wondering...

What do you think of NoisePop this year? Who would you forgo playing your show to go see?

I actually think this year is a damn good lineup. It’s better than the last couple years even. I really wish we could see Deerhunter, but we'll be on tour. I'd also love to see Ra Ra Riot and Cut Off Your Hands. We toured 
with both those bands, and they are both RADICAL. Damnit! I’m bumming myself out thinking about missing those shows. Damn.

What’s the best venue in the world to play at? Have you played there yet?
Stonehenge and yes we have.

You live here. What’s the best part of the Bay Area and if you could change one thing what would it be?
I love Berkeley. It's got great food, an Amoeba, and you can walk 5 minutes and be out in the middle of nowhere in the Berkeley Hills. Ahhh, the trees. If I could change one thing about the Bay Area it would be to 
move it closer to New York. I love that place! Together we could rule the world!!

Well you heard it from them. From Stonehenge straight to the stage at Slim’s. The Morning Benders will be there on Friday night bringing a fresh, youthful perspective to the typical shoe-gazer crowd at Noise Pop. We can hardly wait. See you at the show.

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