The Most Delicious Beer of the Year


Though it was a spring release, there's still Lagunitas "Sirius" Cream Ale to be had. Go out and get some immediately - it's likely one of the most delicious beers that will pass your  lips this year.

Sirius is one of Lagunitas' many seasonal releases. Traditionally, a cream ale is a sort of cross between a lager and an ale. It often contains some portion of corn or  rice, similar to a classic American lager like Budweiser, in order to  lighten the body and thin out some of the flavor.

But that's where any comparison to Bud ends. Most of the Sirius is made from malt,  which is top-fermented like an ale. Then it’s cold- conditioned like a lager to clean off some of the fruity, earthy and funky flavors you'd associate with an ale. The result is something clean, smooth and bright - almost like a Pils (but without the hoppiness) and with enough rich, amber malt goodness to provide body, structure and depth.

For a rich brew over 7% alcohol, Sirius is a smooth and refreshing as beer can be. It's got a great, creamy head and satiny feel on the  mouth. The flavors are crisp, but with an integrated internal  sweetness. It is pure drinking pleasure.

Get some while it lasts, before you have to wait another 8 months.
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