Valley-bound tech geeks 
are the new rock stars, 
commuting to work first class in curious coach buses with blacked-out windows. The Google shuttle to the Mountain View headquarters grew out of a personal project orchestrated by a single employee. The only sign that it’s Google-bound 
is in the window: GBUS to MTV.

More than 60 percent of the 
bus commuters polled say they stop at local 
businesses on their way to 
or from their shuttle stop. (Source: San Francisco County 
Transportation Authority Strategic 
Analysis Report, 2009)

Daily riders: 3,500

Daily one-way trips from 
across the Bay Area to HQ 
in Mountain View: 7,000

Daily departures 
between 6 and 9 a.m. across 
25 routes in SF, East Bay, South Bay, Marin, 
and the Peninsula: 300

Metric tons of Co2 
saved annually: *5,400

Fewer commuter cars 
on the road annually: *2,000

Passenger car miles saved: 14,000,000

Cost of a round-trip ride 
from SF to Mountain View on a 
52-passenger bus from private 
charter company 
Bauer’s Transportation: $1,383

*When combined with GFleet, Google’s free employee car- share program used for driving to appointments and running errands during the workday.