The No-Fail Guide to San Francisco Street Food


Now that street food mania has reached a fevered pitch, we thought it time to offer this comprehensive guide to the city’s best street eats—a map shows you where to find it, our Twitter-feed guide gives your the tools to track the vendors, our Flickr group allows you to upload your own pictures of street food, taken anywhere in the world and our Resource Guide gives all the hard-core street food enthusiasts some more ways to geek out. Plus, a guide to the best bars in the closest proximity to the best mobile food vendors.

Consider this guide your way of getting “street smart.”

Where to Find Street Food Near (Or In) SF Bars

Follow SF Street Food Vendors on Twitter
Follow your favorite street food vendors to find out where they’re going to be. Or, for an aggregation of all SF street food vendors’ Twitter feeds, check out

Street Food News: @streetfoodsf
Who’s Your Daddy Bacon Potato Chips: @baconpotatochip
Seoul on Wheel: @seoulonwheels
Bike Basket Pies: @bikebasketpies
Little Skillet: @littleskillet
KitchenetteSF: @kitchenettesf
Gobba Gobba Hey: @gobbagobbahey
Let’s Be Frank: @LetsbeFrankSF

Liba Falafel Truck: @libasf

Creme Brulee Cart: @cremebruleecart

Creme Brulee Cart: @cremebruleecart
Magic Curry Kart: @magiccurrykart
Amuse Bouche Cart: @AmuseBoucheSF
Urban Nectar: @urbanectar
Spencer on the Go: @chezspencergo
Roli Roti: @RoliRoti
CookieWagSF: @cookiewagsf
The Tamale Lady: @tamalelady
Left Coast Smoke: @leftcoastsmoke
Sam's Chowder Van: @samschowdervan

Submit your photos of street food to Flickr group

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