The Order of Things


Granola, yogurt and fresh fruit—how would you organize them into a bowl?

The gorgeous granola at La Boulangerie

If it were milk instead of yogurt, it’d be a no brainer: 1. granola, 2. fruit, 3. milk. The same would apply to yogurt—or so you’d think. But when I went to La Boulange de Union with my friend Solo a few weeks ago, we discovered that it’s not that simple. The granola was gorgeously presented—and they followed a seemingly logical order of granola then yogurt, melon, berries and pineapple with a drizzle of honey—but my first few bites were all yogurt and fruit, leaving me with a whole lot of dry granola. And when I tried digging for the granola, the fruit spilled out of the bowl. Ah, the dilemma.

We agreed that there was something not right about the layers, but Solo would put the fruit on the bottom (followed by granola then yogurt), while I’d opt for yogurt on the bottom (with granola on top and fruit in the middle). After much thought—probably a bit too much for a normal person—I wondered if it’s not the order, but the size of the bowl that matters.

XYZ granola

A few months back, I had brunch at XYZ in the W Hotel and raved to my friends about the granola (it’s all in the toasted millet) and just last Sunday I had brunch at Suppenküche and got the muesli. On both occasions the layers were in the same order as at the Boulange (cereal, yogurt, fruit), the only difference was that the bowl was shallow and wide. Aha!

Luckily I have wide, flat-bottomed bowls at home, tons of strawberries from last week’s flat and a large container of Fage in my fridge. Now all I have to do is run over to the Boulangerie and pick up a to-go package of their homemade, sweet-and-nutty granola.

I’m off to experiment—and I’m taking suggestions!

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