Blow Dad's mind with modern cannabis gifts and accoutrements. (Courtesy of Tetra)

8 Canna-tastic Gifts for Dank Dads


From buzzy cold brews to disposable vapes to stigma-breaking activewear, there's a cannabis gift for every dad, whether he's curious about this brave new world or totally OG.

Here are our picks for the most elevated Father's Day presents.

The PAX 3

Tech-savvy dads will geek out over this sleek device, which can vape both flower and concentrates and even has a mobile app that allows them to select the temperature, choose different smoking modes, and even lock their device when it's not in use (you know, so you can't bogart Dad's stash). With top-notch technology, extended battery life, and a 10 year warranty, Pax 3 ($199) is a worthy investment for anyone trying to step up their vape game. //

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