NARAL Pro-Choice America, the nation’s leading advocate of personal privacy and a woman’s right to choose, hosted the Power of Choice Luncheon—an event founded by Dagmar Dolby—at The Westin St. Francis. Speaker Nancy Pelosi acted as honorary chair while NARAL President Nancy Keenan went over her vision for the pro-choice movement.

Vanessa Getty, Ali Speer      Susie Tompkins Buell, Randi Fisher  Kendall Robindon, Jan D'Allessandro

Tom Layton, Maya Harris           Nancy Keenan, Christine Pelosi    Leslie Gay, Katie Albright

Pam Baer, Roselyne Swig   Deedee Kramer, Lynn and Leslie Bunim   Mya Walker, Vivian Walsh

Hilary Armstrong, Joan Blades  Jennifer Milley, Dana Textoris   Jill Hamer, Jane Wolf, Dagmar Dolby

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