The Real Scoop On Two New Local Cookbooks


This month, two of the city's top ice cream shops debut their cookbooks—each with a very distinctive personality. We dish the highlights. You pick your flavor.

OPENED 2008 2006
OWNERS Jake Godby and Sean Vahey Anne Walker and Kris Hoogerhyde
SCOOPS SERVED LAST YEAR Mum's the word More than half a million
MOST POPULAR FLAVOR Secret Breakfast (made with cornflakes and bourbon) Salted Caramel
CRAZIEST FLAVOR Boccalone prosciutto Basil
CLAIM TO INTERNET FAME 303,193 Twitter followers More Yelp reviews than any business in America
THE COOKBOOK Humphry Slocombe (Chronicle Books), $20 Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones (Ten Speed Press), $25
PHOTOS OF CUTE KIDS IN BOOK One (There are more pictures of trannies than of kids.) Nine
ON THE MISSION DISTRICT "Oh, was that a Sunday afternoon triple homicide at the pizza place down the street? Eh, when it comes to being in the Mission, we still wouldn't change a thing." "We'd look at [Dolores Park's] hills dotted with people basking in the sun or playing with their kids. People who might want to come get a scoop of ice cream...or so we hoped!"
ON ARRIVING AT THE SHOP "High-five the Native American prostitute outside, and step inside." "When you approach Bi-Rite Creamery, its signature sweet aroma announces its presence."
SUGGESTED ICE CREAM-MAKING TOOL Adult beverage of your choice. "You're in a small room, most likely all alone. Why wouldn't alcohol be involved?" Medium heat-proof bowl
WHY BUY THE BOOK "We can't promise you your money back and in fact have probably spent it on pills and liquor, but if you don't like the ice cream, we will eat a bug." "There's something beautiful about sharing knowledge and encouraging others to learn and develop new skills."
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