The atrium at Leo's Oyster Bar. (Douglas Friedman, Courtesy of Architectural Digest)

9 Sparkling Places to Sip Champagne in San Francisco


Champagne adds sparkle to any occasion, but we prefer it best on your average weekday, paired with potato chips and friends.

Toast to the weekend or to whatever you fancy at some of San Francisco's best spots for a pop, clink and fizz.

The Riddler

(Lauren Anderson, Courtesy of 24East)

The Ridder is a woman-owned, women-backed, and mostly woman-run champagne bar in Hayes Valley. You can find over 100 brands of bubbly on their menu, including Ruinart Blanc de Blancs (which you can have served with a bump of caviar). Or, go all out and try the chambong, which is exactly as it sounds—you'll be taking your champs out of a bong. // 528 Laguna St. (Hayes Valley),

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