The Secret to a Happy Life Together Might Just Be an Unlucky Wedding


There’s a big difference between looking at wedding pictures and attending a wedding. The photos tell a perfect love story; you see the vows, the cake, and the wedding party in a small, very pretty moment. What the photos don’t show is Uncle Ray falling over and splitting his pants while kneeling in the aisle during the vows to take his own pictures (this happened at a wedding I attended). But that small mishap doesn’t come close to the series of wedding day disasters that befell Kathy Moore and Bryan Solari during their Sonoma County beach wedding. If rain on a wedding day is really a sign of a good marriage, then this pair has a great life ahead.

This You Tube video tells the story:

News reports say that after the couple posted the video for relatives to see, it went viral and has become something of an Internet sensation.

What I love about this couple is how they take it all in stride, and even laugh about it. Moore is quoted in the Press Democrat as saying: “There’s nothing you can do to change the weather. So much of it was totally out of our control. We had to laugh about it and look at it like a glass half-full. I’m glad we got our extreme beach wedding and I’m happy to be married.”

IMHO, that attitude will take this couple a long way in married life.

Do you have a wedding disaster to share? Submit your story (and photos or video) to, and I’ll publish the best ones.

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