Image courtesy of Beggars Group USA

Let’s be honest: if you happen to be French, and you happen to have an electro-pop band, and your lead singer opts to breathily murmur clever pop-cultural nothings into the mic in a half-serious Serge Gainsbourg sort of fashion, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be met with swooning on this side of the pond. That’s precisely what happened when seriously-synthy Parisian outfit The Teenagers came to call on the US the first time around, and ever since audiences have been awaiting their return. Set to play a show at the Independent on April 22, the band will most certainly deliver their ode to a certain sultry songstress, “Starlett Johansson,” whose lyric "When I noticed Jared Leto, I felt sad/ When I noticed Josh Hartnett, I prayed for 40 nights" practically pays for the ticket on its own.