The Top 10 Not-To-Miss Sets at the Treasure Island Music Festival


Ok so the good news (besides the optimisitc weather forecast this weekend) is that there are absolutely no overlapping set times for Treasure Island Festival. But as we praise the festival gods for this overwhelming luck, we also realize that all of you will most likely not see every single act on Saturday and Sunday. For those planning their weekend beer-break schedule, here’s our handy countdown (from our #10 pick to our #1 pick) of bands not to miss.

Honorable Mentions: Thao with The Get Down Stay Down (Sunday, Bridge Stage, 1:15-1:55), Yo La Tengo (Sunday, Tunnel Stage, 8:10-9) and Brazilian Girls (Saturday, Bridge Stage, 6:05-6:55) – if we had more room in a top 10, these 3 would absolutely squeeze in. They’re impressive acts with a lot of experience in the limelight.

10. The Walkmen, Sunday, Tunnel Stage, 6:20-7:05: We favor The Walkmen because they’ve been relatively successful since their debut in 2000, and have somehow been able to keep their quality indie material below MTV’s radar. Props to you guys for making quality music without getting too hyped on your own success. We’ll always value quality musicians who can transform their sound continuously into something inspirational and beautiful.

9.  MSTR KRFT, Saturday, Bridge Stage, 7:45-8:35: When the founding member heralds from legendary electro group Death From Above 1979, you know you’ve got a solid foundation. MSTR KRFT has even been commissioned by such legends as Justice, Bloc Party and Metric due to their incredible turntable skills. Their catchy dance beats will have you shaking it all over Bridge Stage all night long. It’s a good ending to an amazing day of music.

8.  MURS, Saturday, Bridge Stage, 1:20-2:05: With very little hip-hop present and accounted for at Treasure Island, we have to favor one of our favorite raw MC’s of all time. MURS has been kickin’ it since the 90’s, delivering the most honest, conscious hip-hop around. Okay, so we might have a slight bias considering he was once a part of one of Oakland’s most infamous hip-hop groups, Living Legends. Also to be noted: MURS stands for Making Underground Raw Shit. So you know it’s got to be good.

7. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Sunday, Bridge Stage, 2:30-3:15: Seeing this incredible super-group will instantly make you feel a little unimportant. Don't let first impressions fool you, these guys are amazing. Check them out; you won’t be sorry you did.

6. The Decemberists, Sunday, Bridge Stage, 7:10-8:10: These guys can really be hit or miss live, and they tend to be more favorable in smaller, more intimate settings, but after having seen them perform their newest album/tragedy The Hazards Of Love all the way through at The Fox, we’re crossing our fingers for an encore of that spectacular performance. Also, they’re a classic, so we're giving them the benefit of the doubt.

5. Passion Pit, Saturday, Bridge Stage, 2:50-3:35: Our underdog sweethearts. These purebred Massachusetts romantics bring an energy level that far surpasses most people in their electropop genre. We’re even more impressed that they sound as close to the album as they do. Most people in this genre never achieve these heights in their live sound. So go see them. But check out our exclusive interview with them first.

4. Vetiver, Sunday, Tunnel Stage, 3:15-3:55: We’re not really sure why most T.I. lists have completely written Vetiver out of the runnings. They're an awe-inspiring indie folk group (who are originally from North Carolina and now live in our lovely City by the Bay). They're a must-see, and we’re crossing our fingers that Devendra Banhart joins them on stage (a seemingly common occurrence these days). Not to be missed.

3. Beirut, Sunday, Bridge Stage, 5:30-6:20: Beirut has an eclectic style all their own that really translates beautifully to their live shows. They never ever disappoint and almost always surprise us with something new. This won't be an exception.

2. Flaming Lips, Sunday, Bridge Stage, 9:05-10:35: We waivered between the #2 and #1 spot for Flaming Lips because we just can’t get enough of their unique and bizarre psych-rock. With themes usually centering around space and robots, and wild stage antics (see giant inflatable crowd surfing bubble, crazy amounts of confetti, giant hands, videos, puppets, pretty much anything bizarre and insane), there is nothing we won’t do to get to this show. We know it’s going to go down in history, so the question is, do you want to be part of it?

Drum roll, please… 1. Grizzly Bear, Sunday, Bridge Stage, 4:00-4:45: Ok, so we know they’re not the most underground, unheard-of band on the planet, but their latest album Veckatimest is listed high in the running for best album of the year. We’ve been fortunate enough to see them twice already this summer and we can’t help but melt when they work their magic on stage. Each performance is better than the previous, and with the rumors of Grizzly Bear possibly acquiring Beach House’s singer, Victoria Legrand (who did the backing vocals on “2 Weeks” on Veckatimest), we’re even more antsy to see what they’ll come up with for this weekend.


We've got a two-day festival pass on our hands.  Tell us who you're most excited to see this weekend (and why) in the comments below and it could be yours.

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