The Top 5 Parking Citations Issued in SF in 2011


The numbers have been crunched, and the results are in. Here is the official list of the top 5 parking citations issued in San Francisco for fiscal year 2011 straight from the SFMTA accounting department:

Violation Tickets Issued Fine Revenue
1.) Street Cleaning 527,563 $55 $29 Million
2) Parking Meters 397,449 $65/55 $23 Million
3) Residential 169,203 $65 $11 Million
4) Block Wheels 54,217 $50 $2.7 Million
5) Vehicle Registration 43,439 $114 $4.9 Million


Honorable Mentions:

Pedestrians will be happy to hear that 7,953 $90 citations for Parking in a Crosswalk were issued totaling $715,770

People living near a corner convenience store will be pleased to know that 28,277 $90 citations for Blocking a Driveway totaling $2,540,430

And MUNI riders and drivers will find some satisfaction in knowing that 4,678 $255 Blocking a Bus Zone citations totaling $1,192,890 were issued last year.

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