For Behida Dolić, it’s all about the ’20s cloche. The Bosnia-born milliner spends her workweek hand-draping elegant creations for Bay Area women who want a throwback to vintage elegance. While studying fine art in Italy, Dolić fell for 20th-century American fashion, moved to the U.S. and finished her degree at the San Francisco Art Institute. Now a Berkeley resident, Dolić sees the hat as wearable sculpture—the accessory that adds instant class and confidence to any woman’s ensemble. For her, it’s all about mixing old-fashioned refinement and modern simplicity. We’ll vouch for it: Simply put on one of Dolić’s hats, and voilà! You’re instantly a lady.

What are some timeless pieces for every woman?
A simple cloche hat, a cream silk blouse and an Audrey Hepburn-style black dress.

Your philosophy for dressing?
If you don’t know what to wear, pick out the simplest dress you have and flavor it with a nice cardigan or silk scarf.

What’s your best-kept SF shopping secret?
Accident & Artifact on Valencia Street—they have beautiful well-worn antiques and an abundance of unique objects.