The Treasure Hunters: Michael Weaver, founders and owners, Shotwell


A little more than two years ago, Holly and Michael Weaver decided to quit their jobs and see how long they could survive financially by doing what they love most—uncovering fashion gold. Whether they’re searching endlessly through thrift store racks or discovering an inspired young designer, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt. They’ve come a long way from selling finds on Craigslist and at pop-up stores around the city. Their downtown boutique inhabits a two-level storefront on Grant Avenue and showcases up-and-coming designers alongside their latest vintage gems. And with a newly launched e-commerce site to share their wares with the rest of the world, this unstoppable duo is just getting started.

What excites you most about San Francisco fashion?
MW: Our stylish employees. They’re very tuned-in and teach us things about street and runway fashion.

Name one piece every San Franciscan should have in their closet.
HW: A great black T-shirt and anything with draping. It’s easy and comfortable but has a modern edge.

MW: Lightweight outerwear. You never know when it’s going to be cold, no matter the time of year.

What was your best fashion find ever?
HW: Dramatic, hand-embroidered gowns from Acapulco that women wore to host parties in the ’50s.

MW: Vintage Colombian leather bags, handmade and specially tanned by indigenous artisans.

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