The Ultimate Coit Tower Stair Workout


You've admired Coit Tower from afar. Now it's time to do a workout on it. 

Some preliminary notes before we dive into it.

1. Keep the Rocky moves and the yelling to a minimum and respect the neighbors.

2. You'll need a resistance band.

So here we go with the workout.  Let us know how you like it in the comments below.

1. Begin your workout at the base of the Sansome Street stairs (concrete, steel stairway).

2. At the bottom of the stairway, be sure to stretch out your calves, hamstrings and quads before starting the workout.

3. Utilize the steel railing of these lower stairs for a set of Calf Raises (2-3 sets of 10-15 reps).
-Grip the side railing for balance and be mindful of other pedestrians and tourist on the stairway.
-Place both feet parallel to each other and come to the top of your toes, squeezing your calves at the top before releasing slowly.
-In set #2 and #3, place your feet in towards each other for a set and a set facing away from each other.

4. Stair Set #1: Skip a Step up the stairway until you reach Montgomery Street.
-Be sure to go at a slow controlled pace to really work the quadriceps and glutes.
-Repeat. Return to the bottom of the stairway using this as your recovery and begin your 2nd set.

5. Cross the street, go up the short staircase and stop for a set of Bicep Curls (2-3 sets or 10-15 reps)
-Grab both resistance band handles, placing one foot down the middle and bring your elbows in tight to your oblique.
-Standing up straight, begin by brining your arms up to the top of your chest and back down slowly.

6. Stair Set #2: Jog Up the remaining upper section of stairs through a series of gardens.
-Taking each step, keep a consistent pace up to the top to Telegraph Hill Blvd.  You will see Coit Tower on your right
-Repeat. Return to the bottom (at Montgomery St) and begin your 2nd jogging set.

7. Jog along Telegraph Hill Blvd towards Coit Tower and stop at the concrete steps at the perimeter overlooking the SF skyline.

8. Sitting sideways on the concrete steps, legs fully extended, prep for a set of Sit Down Rows (2-3 sets, 10-15 reps)
-Sitting up straight, wrap resistance band around your feet and grip handles
-Begin by pulling your arms / elbows back, keeping your elbows tight by your sides to your oblique’s before releasing.

9. Stair Set #3: Skip a Step. From the top of Coit Tower, jog down the other set of narrow red brick stairs to Montgomery Street.
-At the bottom, begin your climb back up the red brick stairs skipping a step up to the top. Repeat a 2nd time.

10. Returning back to the concrete steps at the top of Coit Tower, prep for a set of Left / Right Shoulder Flies (2 sets, 15 reps ea)
-Gripping one handle, step on the other handle with opposite foot. Extend arm out horizontally locking out your elbow.
-Begin by lifting your arm above your head and returning to the horizontal position.
-The range of motions is not much, so be sure there is always slight tension on the band.  Switch sides.

11. Stair Set #4: Jog Up. From the top of Coit Tower, jog down the red bricks back to Montgomery Street.
-Jog back up to top taking each step and keeping a consistent pace up to Coit Tower. Repeat a 2nd time.

12. Cool Down. Wrap up your workout with an easy jog back down to the very bottom of the stairs at Sansome Street
-Be sure to stretch out and loosen up those leg muscles.




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