The Ultimate Sunday Ride: A Trip Through Local Mountain Biking History at SFO


As it looks like the weather this Sunday may not be conducive to riding, we suggest instead that you take a trip out to SFO Airport’s International terminal for a long look at a fabulous assemblage of local mountain biking history.

The SFO museum staff have done a first-rate job of pulling together the story of the development of the mountain biking scene in Marin and around the Bay Area in the 70s. The show is called From Repack to Rwanda, and the first part of the title refers to the earliest organized downhill off-road bicycle races that took place in Fairfax, CA in the early 70s. Rwanda, as in the country, refers to the amazing efforts by many of the sport's early founders to assist Rwanda's rural coffee farmers access to custom designed off-road transport bikes.

Two fifty foot long displays showcase dozens of examples of early “clunkers’, prototype MTBs and modern full suspension downhill bikes. Specialized component development is fully explored as well as highlighting the role of women in mountain biking. The show runs through February 2013.

The bonus in this museum venue is that you can purchase a latte and browse the exhibits.

Those of you who insist on driving can park in the International terminal garage for a modest $4 per hour. However taking BART right into to the SFO terminal is the way to go (if it’s raining). If you prefer to ride to this exhibit, or are interested in riding your bike to the airport to catch a flight, SFO has a number of fairly secure parking areas (you do need to have locks, though).

SFO even has a bike assembly and disassembly area with tools for those traveling with bikes! How awesome is that? There’s a ton of information on all facets of bike use at the airport on the SFO Airport Bike Page.

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