The Virgins at Great American Music Hall


When you take three born and bred New Yorkers with a penchant for slightly scandalous song lyrics, a style that blends pop-rock with a dash of disco and a loyal following of fashionistas and hipsters alike what you get is the Virgins. Front man Donald Cumming, who’s been starting bands since grade school, formed The Virgins with fellow band mates Wade Oates and Nick Zarin-Ackerman in just 2006 but they were quickly labeled by critics as the “Next Big Thing” (which isn’t a surprise when you’ve opened up Paris Fashion Week with Patti Smith and provided the soundtrack for an entire episode of Gossip Girl).

As a stop on their headlining North American tour The Virgins returned to the Great American Music Hall for their second time on Wednesday. Cumming, barefoot and clad in skinny jeans, with impressive dance moves reminiscent to those of Mick Jagger crooned into the microphone as the ladies in the audience swooned. It was impossible not to sing along to the catchy chorus of  “Rich Girls” or rock out to the funky guitar riffs of “One Week Of Danger”. Now, you’d think that all the hype they’ve received would have gone to their heads but judging from their charming stage presence they’re still just a group of friends doing what they love and making people fall in love with them in the process.

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