Oh, childhood. That magical time when people fetch you milk and carry you places. When getting dessert is the epitome of success and every road leads somewhere good. In Sorya! A Minor Miracle, Theater of Yugen distills childhood stories of Western literature through ancient Japanese performance traditions, emerging with new Kyogen comedies of dwarfs in dismay, charlatan prophets, and sake. 

Sorya! is the Japanese term for a heightened moment of intense joy, and thus completely deserving of that exclamation point. This annual event is Theater of Yugen's chance to play with the Japanese performance style and tell quirky stories of joy that transcend culture. This year, a man watches his fiancee disappear in a traditional Irish ballad, a donkey shamelessly dupes the inhabitants of Narnia, and two servants are suspected of sake theft and tied up by their employer - at least until they realize that teamwork can help them realize their cherished goal of comic drunkenness. 

Through October 24. Project Artaud, 2840 Mariposa Street. Tickets are $12-18 at 800-838-3006 or brownpapertickets.com.