This House Cray: 631 O’Farrell Street, Unit 2101


Asking Price: $5.25 million

Number of bedrooms: Three

Number of bathrooms: Three and a half

It's days like this one, with the cloudless skies bright with sun and warmth emanating from everyone and everything, when we fantasize the most about living in an apartment full of light and windows, with panoramic views of the city taking our breath away. That explains why we've also spent the majority of today ogling these penthouse digs in the Tenderloin, which just came on the market last week.

As if on its own pedestal, it's located atop an Art Deco building and embodies the era's opulence in its fireplaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Cat naps and lots of reading are necessary when you have arched glass cielings and walls that are basically windows. And of course, you could get a tan just sitting in one of its north or south facing terraces, gazing upon the little boxes below. We're especially into the all-blue office, which would be the perfect, shady place to retreat when you need to get down to business and take a break from enjoying your life so much.

And the mix of high (luxurious apartment) with the low (gritty Tenderloin) is so San Francisco. We wonder how fast (or not) someone will snatch this urban palace up.

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