This House Cray: An Entire Napa Valley Estate and Winery for $28M


Where: 2900 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena

Asking Price: $18,800,000 for the house + $9,000,000 for the winery

Number of Bedrooms: 6

Number of Bathrooms: 5.5

Year Built: 1998

Total Square Feet: 9,600

Total Lot Size: 39.95 Acres 

Time on the Market: 17 days 

If it's been your dream to start your own winery, then this is your chance to take all the hard work out of accomplishing your goal. Simply toss down a measly $28 million dollars (the cost of the house and the wine label) and you can own an entire Napa Valley estate. It's that easy.

Not only will you walk away from the sale with your face on a bottle of booze (because, why not put your mug on your label?) you'll also have your very own private helicopter pad, because helicopter is obviously the easiest means to get back to SF for brunch on the weekends. But if you're not in the mood for city life, you're in luck, pretty much everything you need in life is already built into your mansion and 40-acre land. So, invite your friends over for some Wine Country debauchery. In-house entertainment includes: a massive wine cellar and tasting room (yum!), a media room, over 7 fireplaces for s'mores and popcorn roasting, a spa, hot tub, and 80-foot pool, plus more than enough extra beds to pass out in. 

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