This Week in Live Music: Thee Cormans, Devo, Burnt Ones and more


Thee Cormans, Tuesday at Hemlock Tavern

Need a spine-bending jolt of please-get-me-through-this-week-somehow energy that doesn't come in a thumb-sized bottle? Head to Hemlock tomorrow night for a dose of Thee Cormans, a ghoulish, scratched up surf garage group who play Halloween-at-the-beach instrumentals  that sounds like something Glenn Danzig would've listened to while he was cooking up ideas for The Misfits. They're up from SoCal to heap on the (awesome) fuzzed-out muck and give you an excuse to wig out so early in the work week. $6, The Shrouds open.

Burnt Ones, Thursday at Hemlock Tavern

When you hear this SF-based trio's Black Teeth and Golden Tongues through headphones, they've got a T. Rex-meets-Phil-Spector sound, thanks to singer-guitarist Mark Tester's sleazy (yet sweet) snarl and reverb-drenched power chords. But stripped of studio effects on stage, they sport a much more classic, scrappy garage vibe that steeps their cool-as-a-cucumber style under an alluring veil of mystery and flips what you hear on record on its head to keep you guessing. $6, The Mallard opens.

Devo, Friday & Saturday at The Fillmore

Ravenous fans have been waiting months for these rescheduled shows to arrive, and for good reason: these kitschy New Wavers haven't lost much of their spunk in the decades since they first whipped it out on stage in the 70s. Dust off your old Energy Dome headgear and get ready to unleash your inner spazz. $50, The Punk Group opens.

The Adolescents, Saturday at Thee Parkside

It's hard to tell whether this old-school punk supergroup will be content to indulge its longtime fans in a rundown of its classic, early 80s barnburners like "Kids Of the Black Hole" and "Creatures," or focus on their newer albums such as this year's The Fastest Kid Alive or 2005's OC Confidential. Whatever the outcome, let's revel in the fact that they've reunited again and relive our angry teenage years by getting sweaty to Steve Soto and the gang. $15, Youth Brigade opens.

Vetiver, Sunday at The Independent

If a mellow nightcap to the end of the week is your style, steep yourself in the Vetiverse, a dreamy, down-home world where SF's own Vetiver is the cozy soundtrack. Their twinkling indie folk, perfected even further with their latest, The Errant Charm from Sub Pop, is the kind of thing that'll hit the reset button on your brain, ready for whatever hell gets raised in the new week ahead. $18 advance, $20 at the door, Tim Cohen's Magic Trick opens.

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