Stephan Jenkins, singer for Third Eye Blind and longtime SF resident, releases a song in support of Occupy Wall Street called "If There Ever Was A Time." [via SF Weekly]

Lil B creates internet mayhem with the release of controversial "awareness" song "I Got AIDS" that tells the story of the onset of AIDS in a young man. Of course, being Lil B, he attempts to explain where he's coming from on Youtube. [via Pitchfork]

The Blank Tapes will play at the Apple Store downtown tomorrow for free. Be sure to take a listen to a just-released collection of garage bangin' rarities. [via The Bay Bridged]

Barn Owl's Lost In The Glare (Thrill Jockey) gets compared to drone metal legends Sunn O))) and Earth. [via The Obelisk]

Local label, labor of love and home to SF favorite Meklit Hadero, Porto Franco Records plans to stop releasing records next year. However, it will live on as a website and a blog to support its artists in all their endeavours. [via SF Weekly]

Twin Steps release dreamy, wistful tracks soon to be found on new 10" Serial Parade. [via The Bay Bridged]