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Royal Baths premiere a haunt-your-dreams kind of video for their excellently eerie track "Black Sheep," and we get even more excited for their upcoming album Better Luck Next Life [via]

Oakland's Wallpaper. signs a record deal with Epic Records. Keep an ear out for his song "Best F***ing Song Everr" on FM radio soon! [via SF Weekly]

Fresh & Onlys' guitar virtuoso Wymond Miles releases ethereal, expansive solo song "Hidden Things Are Asking You to Find Them" which will appear on his solo EP Earth Has Doors on Sacred Bones, out February 7. [via SPIN]

In honor of the 49ers' recent streak of success, Bay Area rappers Sellassie, Equipto, Baldhead Rick, Shag Nasty, Curk Sak and Ike Plump have banded together to refashion Journey's cheeseball ballad "Faithfully" into a badass tribute song to our local team. [via SF Weekly]

Noise Pop makes stellar additions to their lineup, including The Flaming Lips, Bob Mould, Two Gallants, Class Actress and more. [via The Bay Bridged]

From the throes of the world of music PR come fresh details highlighting Sleepy Sun's new album Spine Hits, like the always-key track listing and release date. [via The End Records]

Cool Ghouls throw out an awesome, Nuggets-inspired new track aptly called "Witch's Game," that appears on their demo tape. [via Positive Destruction]

And another new track from Surf Club, entitled "Lonely Days," off their upcoming debut EP called Young Love, our February 14. [via The Bay Bridged]

Last but not least, one of our very favorites, Dominant Legs, unveiled a new video for their dreamy, saxophone-laced slow-burner "Make Time For the Boy." [via Stereogum]

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