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A key figure in the Bay Area's punk scene has died. Sarah Kirsch, who was in numerous bands like Pinhead Gunpowder (which also featured Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong), Fuel, Fifteen, Torches to Rome, and more, passed earlier this week. Her ahead-of-the-curve presence will be missed. [via The Daily Swarm]

Another Bay Area native, jazz legend Dave Brubeck, also passed away this week (a day before his 92nd birthday). He became a San Francisco bandleader and pianist credited with one of the major innovations in popular music: Working with San Francisco saxophonist Paul Desmond, Mr. Brubeck was the first pianist to break 4/4 time in jazz, by adding a fifth beat to the measure. [via SFGate]

Everyone's favorite music festival in a park, Outside Lands, announced its 2013 dates, so clear your weekend, folks: It all goes down again August 9-11. [via]

One of the baddest m-fing record labels around, Burger Records (of Fullerton, CA), recently unveiled a little thing called BURGER TV, which are like little band-on-the-road documentaries so the rest of us can feel like we're part of the action. [via The Bay Bridged]

The Fillmore's swanky jazz club, Yoshi's SF, has apparently filed bankruptcy, but insists its not on the edge of some sort of financial cliff. [via SF Weekly]

Fleetwood Mac, which sports two principle members from the South Bay (Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, of course), announced a 2013 reunion tour. It's their first in three years. [via]

On the heels of SXSW 2013's initial lineup announcement comes another massive outpouring of info on who will play at next year's fest. Happy news for Bay Area music fans: A whopping fourteen more Bay Area acts have been added! [via]

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