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Petey Dammit, of Thee Oh Sees, is the subject of a new film, called Petey & Ginger, about the collapse of the American economy, and how in-between people hang on in the America of today. Heady, interesting stuff. Watch the trailer here. [via]

The Mallard called it quits this week, yet also announced a second album, due to come out later this year on Caste Face Records. We'll miss their dark, fiery live shows, but can't wait to relive the magic on that last LP. [via SF Weekly]

Last week, Kids on a Crime Spree dropped a new track called "Creep the Creeps", and this week they came at us with a hazy, vintage-inspired video to match the song's Brill Building-meets-surf-rock vibe. [via Vimeo]

Though The Soft Moon are on the road in Europe, they dropped a creepy new video for "Want", a song about burning desires and resisting temptation, from their latest LP Zeros. Involves a lot of angry faces, flickering lights, hooded figures, and it will probably give you the creeps. [via Youtube]

In 1997, the Prodigy released a groundbreaking electronica album The Fat of the Land. This week, Sacramento upstarts Death Grips remixed "Firestarter", the single that helped the Prodigy first break into the US. [via Pitchfork]

The Mantles returned from no-man's land and dropped a new single called "Brown Balloon", which will be found on their upcoming, Slumberland-made album Long Enough to Leave. Suddenly it feels like Christmas. [via The Bay Bridged]

The Outside Lands peeps started dropping social media hints about this year's lineup, and so far it looks like Grizzly Bear and Chromatics are surefire performers. SF Weekly took a stab at guessing the rest. [via SF Weekly]

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