Between Facebook, Twitter, and email, we tend to know more about our friends via their status updates than we do from talking to them face-to-face. Or even over that charming old technology, the telephone. Choreographer Sara Shelton Mann and media artist David Szlasa join forces to investigate how people experience each other when much of that experiencing is done via a little glowing screen. The world premiere of tribes/dominion is an amalgam of recorded sound, live recorded text, spoken images, and movement – all of which is given the same weight, rather than one medium existing only to supplement another.

Having done a number of collaborations, Mann's accomplished (and lauded, to the tune of four Izzie Awards) composition blends seamlessly with Szlasa's symphony of multimedia. Both are keen on exploring what really makes our society tick, even - or especially - when nobody talks about it. Which makes it an excellent choice to polish off Yerba Buena’s season, devoted to an investigation of our changing world and how we relate to it.

Yerba Buena Center, 700 Howard St. May 20-May 22, 8 p.m. Tickets are $25-30 at