This Week's Events: Tamales and Secret Farmers Markets


Tamale Party!

Try something new this holiday season. Instead of the same old honey-baked ham, roasted turkey or feast of seven fishes, dish up a surprise for your family and friends instead. Join La Cocina's tamale-making class TONIGHT (who doesn't love a tamale?) and learn how to make magic masa and banana leaves come to life. You'll leave the class with a bag of tamales to take home after a session of hard work. Dinner and drinks included, of course! The cost is $65 and the class runs from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.; call 415-824-2729 to reserve your space.

T-Flo Live at Macy’s

For all you San Franciscans who can’t get enough of heartthrob cook Tyler Florence, here’s your opportunity to get up close and personal. Tonight, December 16, he’ll be at the Macy’s Cellar shilling his new line of cookware and preparing tasty treats for the (90% female?) crowd. The event is free and begins at 6 p.m.—stop in for a snack after work.

Bubble Up

Smuggle in your favorite domestic caviar to the Champagne tasting at 18 Reasons on December 17. Your $20 ($15 for members) at the door gets you tasted of six sparklers from well-known and cult producers. Pick a favorite and you’ll have plenty of time to stock up before the big toast.

A Clandestine Farmers Market

This Thursday, December 17, there’s a culinary covert opp that requires your participation. Head to the Underground Farmers Market at 2755 Bryant St. to support some of the foragers, home cooks, bakers and jam-makers that make delicious food below the radar. Shop for sarsaparilla, huckleberry jam, wild mushrooms, acorn flour and more—perfect gifts for your most jaded food-loving friend. The event is free and runs from 5 to 11 p.m. with special musical guests halfway through the evening.

Pork Prom

Finally, a prom that doesn’t require taffeta or corsages, just a love for rare breed hogs. Head to Oakland on Sunday, where you can sip Blue Bottle coffee, eat bacon and sausage and pick up your very own five or 10 lb. box of meaty delights. You can also score your holiday ham here. Order in advance, then pick up between 9 a.m. and noon on Sunday.


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