Nothing elicits that special mix of adoration and pity like seeing a three-legged pup cruising down the street. But there's no shame in any dog's tri-leg game. In fact, a picnic in Duboce Park this Sunday will champion these cherished, limb-challenged canines.  

These pooches are common around the city, especially at rescue centers. According to the Bark: "It’s not unusual these days for a dog to lose a leg, generally for one of two reasons: they suffer some sort of accident or trauma, or they develop bone cancer or other bone disease."

But Sunday's fete isn't limited to just three-leggers. As the Tri Pawed Dogs Facebook page notes, "dogs with cones, casts, one eye, and wheelchairs" are also more than welcome. Heck, bring your two-legged dog while you're at it. The more the merrier! Except for when it comes to legs, that is. 

A picnic for Tri-Pawed DogsSunday, July 13, 12 - 3 p.m., Duboce Park